Monday, September 12, 2016

Pictures from Trip 2 - (Nov. 2015)

So this is a post from last November that I realized "today" was never actually "posted", so I am posting it now before I add the blog post from our most recent trip #3 (Sept.2016) 
For those that know me (Jen), this error of technology will not be surprising!  :) 

Ready for Church!

Beautiful Feet!!

Learning about importance of hand-washing

Se Coco (Turkey)

Teacher Grace :) 

A day in the Calvary kitchen

Teacher Juliet crafts 

Library Excitement!

Thank you Fall Creek Elementary for all you do for us! 

Our beloved driver Gerald! 

Speech Day! 
(Graduation of the Top class to Primary 1) 

 Fun days at the school - always a GREAT welcome!! 

The March - Speech Day invitation for near by villages
We walked a total of about 4 miles and stopped at each village to invite them to the Speech Day event. 

Pastor Joseph's Family

Good by Calvary

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Uganda!!

What an amazing last day with the kids at school!!  I wish that everyone could come here to experience the LOVE and JOY that these people have to GIVE!  We have received so much more than we have received!!  We even had the gift of having turkey today for lunch!  The school provided us with Thanksgiving dinner!
The baby's LOVE Jessica! 

Mimi meeting Deborah!





Isabel & Frolence

Grant & Benitah

Teacher Gilbert & his beautiful bride 


Martin & Grace

Pastor Joseph & family 

Marvin & Zach 

Isabel & Esther

Zach, Jen & Michael 

Michael joining the fun!

Gran & Mimi

A special feast with Esther's family 

Vincent's Aunt "mom" who raised him